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I'm named after one of my great-great-grandmothers. Sort of.

At birth, she was named P'gnaat ch-F'lgnai rRukhx, which can be loosely rendered in English as Black star of the quiet night. She was a black dragon, like myself.

Like any complicated pollysyllabic term, over time it got slurred and compressed. By around 1850 or so, everyone just called her 'Peganthyrus', which was as far as she was willing to let it get degraded. That, I was told after coming to prefer to be called 'Peg' or 'Peggy', and my parents informed me that she was probably rolling in her grave.

When I hatched, I wasn't solid black, but was quite clearly going to grow into fine young black dragon. So, my mother and father took the version of the name with all the corners knocked off of it, and gave it to me, honoring my still-relatively-deceased ancescetor. I guess I grew into it.

Either that, or I pulled it out of the air as a nicely draconic-sounding complication of the nickname for 'Margaret'. But that version's no fun.

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