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This is what you might see if you looked at me on Furrymuck...

    It's hard to tell which feature catches your eye first - her sleek figure, her glimmering green eyes, or her majestic wings. Peggy would be a six-foot tall statue carved of coal, if not for the way she continually shifts her balance from one foot to the other, causing her inky scales to shimmer with her every move. Her arms are often crossed beneath her breasts, the short claws of one hand tapping lazily on the other upper arm. Peggy's slim, athletic form is covered with old blue jeans and a loose shirt, her vast, translucent wings rising behind her. The shirt has a happy surfing orange dinosaur on it, under the legend "Cheesasaurus Rex". It's really too small for Peg; her belly is visible under the bottom edge.

    She looks your way and smiles mysteriously. Long, membranous ears twitch restlessly as the ragged row of long spines rising from her short, black hair bob up and down with every shift of her mood. Occasional puffs of thin smoke rise from the nostrils at the end of her elegantly curved muzzle. Peggy's thin tail, half again as long as the rest of her, swishes erratically behind her, giving brief glimpses of its multiply-flanged tip, and briefer ones of the golden bracelet near its base. A ring rides on her left ring-finger, thin golden arabesques clutching a tiny ruby.

The clothing is different each time this page is loaded. I like randomness.

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