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Real Life:

I was born in New Orleans somewhere near the beginning of the 1970s.

The usual growing up occured.

After flirting with a computer science degree, I moved out to California to pursue a career in animation. Currently, I work at Spümcø as a Flash animator and techie. No drawings, though that may be in the near future. This also explains the recent utter lack of updates to this site, as I'm working way too hard to have any real energy left for art at the moment, much less furry stuff. sigh

That's about it.

Oh yeah. I was into this 'furry' thing long before I was on the internet in general, let alone Furrymuck. Some of the earliest drawings I can remember doing were rather 'furry' in content and approach.

You might find that perusing my cd collection gives you some insight into my character. Probably not, though.

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