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My 'Furry Code' is
FDD2adm A++++$ C D H- M+ P+ R+ T W- Z SF# RLA a ca++ d- e++ f h++ iwf+ !j p- s#.

Note that, although I list 'Amiga' as my preferred system (ca), I'm using a Mac nowadays. *sniffle*

My 'Dragon Code' (version 1) is
DC.D f+ s h++ CE a $ m++ d WL+^* L- BF e i-!.

Unfortunately I haven't found an online Dragon Code expander toy, so you'll have to plow through the thing yourself if you find a burning desire to know my particulars.

And now that you've absorbed that absolutely critical information, you might want to go back to the front of my lair. Or something.

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