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February 8, 2002: asys-docs and asys-realms have been modified to allow each realm to have independent +man contents. If you're using Argo, and you're using realms, you should go to the Argo Downloads section and get an updated copy of each of these. It will also be necessary to go to the realm environment room and do 'cp #0=@a/docs/,here=@a/docs/'. (Note: this command requires that cmd-mv-cp be set W. The standard version of this program has a security hole when set W. A patched version that fixes this hole is available in the Downloads section.

January 10, 2002: Debug.muf, a coder's utility that allows one to run commands in debug mode without having to set and unset (and perhaps forget to unset) the program's D flag, is now available in the Downloads section.

January 8, 2002: Iroll.muf, yet another die-rolling program, this being one that lets you display the results for individual dice in a multi-die roll, is now available in the Downloads section.

October 30, 2001: Jbots.muf had a bug that caused wander bots to refuse to accept wander-intervals greater than 30 seconds. This is now fixed. Download jbots.muf v1.1 if you're using this program. (October 30, 2001)

October 16, 2001: Fixed a major problem with jweather.muf. Embedded weather info in descriptions using the {weather} macro wasn't working except for the owner of the program. Now it does.

August 9, 2001: Added copy_root and move_root functions to lib-propdirs. Previously it could handle any prop or directory other than / root.

August 7, 2001: Fixed a big ol' bug in lib-quota. If you're using the quota system here, you should get this revision.

August 7, 2001: Took forums section offline until problems associated with a recent disk upgrade are resolved.

August 1, 2001: Fixed a bug in setdoing.muf. T'would be good to update your copy if you're using it.

July 19, 2001: Added jweather.muf, a full-featured, easy to set up weather program, to the Downloads page.

June 7, 2001: Added room-report.muf to the Downloads page. This is an administrative utility that reports rooms with no exits, rooms with no entrances, etc.

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