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3.2 Overview: MUF (cont'd)

A First Program:

Let's make a "Hello, world!" program, to practice with the mechanics of making a program, and because it's something of a rite of passage.

Make a program. Let's call it tinker.muf, because we'll be tinkering around with it. Type @prog tinker.muf. The program is created and you go into the editor. At this point, either type i to enter `insert' mode and type the code below, or type q to get our of the editor and quote/paste it into the MUCK from your host computer, then compile the program and exit the editor (type c, then q while in the editor).

> @prog tinker.muf
  Program tinker.muf created with number 1230.
  Entering editor.
> i
  Entering insert mode.
> (tinker.muf. A practice program)
> : main
> me @ "Hello, world!" notify
> ;
> .
> c
  Compiler done.
> q
  Editor exited.

Create an action attached to yourself and linked to the program.

> @act test = me
  Action created with number #1231 and attached.
> @link test = tinker.muf
  Linked to tinker.muf(#1230FM1)

Check your program by typing `test'.

> test
  Hello, world!

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