@act ride;handup;carry;hopon;hopoff;dismount;carrywho;cwho;ridewho;rwho;rideend;rend;dropoff;doff=#0 @link ride=ride3com.muf @set ride3come.muf=_mainswitch:on @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_dropoff:You stop flying %l with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_handup:You offer to let %l fly with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_hopoff:You stop flying with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_hopon:You let %n fly you around. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_lstatrider:is flying with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_newroom:flys in, bringing %l with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_odropoff:drops %l from the flight. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_ohandup:offers to fly %l along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_ohopoff:stops flying along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_ohopon:decides to fly with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oldroom:leaves, flying %l along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oodropoff:stops flying you around with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oohandup:offers to fly you around with %o. ("Ride %n" to accept.) @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oohopoff:stops flying along with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oohopon:decides to fly along with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_ooxhopon:tries to fly along with you, but bumps their head and stops. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_oxhopon:tries to fly along with %n, but bumps their head and stops. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_ridermsg:flys you along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/fly/_xhopon:You try to fly along with %n, but bump your head and stop. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_dropoff:You release %l's hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_handup:You offer to take %l around by the hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_hopoff:You let go of %n's hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_hopon:You take %n's hand firmly in yours. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_lstatrider:is holding hands with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_newroom:brings %l with %o, holding hands. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_odropoff:releases %l's hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_ohandup:offers to take %l by the hand with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_ohopoff:releases %n's hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_ohopon:takes %n by the hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oldroom:leaves, taking %l with %o by the hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oodropoff:releases your hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oohandup:offers to take you around by the hand. ("Hopon %n" to accept.) @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oohopoff:releases your hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oohopon:takes your hand firmly. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_ooxhopon:tries to take your hand, but you pull it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_oxhopon:tries to take %n's hand, but %s pulls it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_ridermsg:takes you along with %o, holding your hand. @set ride3com.muf=ride/hand/_xhopon:You try to take %n's hand, but %s pulls it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_dropoff:You release %l's paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_handup:You offer to take %l around by the paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_hopoff:You let go of %n's paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_hopon:You take %n's paw firmly in yours. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_lstatrider:is holding paws with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_newroom:brings %l with %o, holding paws. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_odropoff:releases %l's paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_ohandup:offers to take %l by the paw with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_ohopoff:releases %n's paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_ohopon:takes %n by the paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oldroom:leaves, taking %l with %o by the paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oodropoff:releases your paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oohandup:offers to take you around by the paw. ("Hopon %n" to accept.) @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oohopoff:releases your paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oohopon:takes your paw firmly. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oopawup:offers to take you around by the paw. ("Hopon %n" to accept.) @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_ooxhopon:tries to take your paw, but you pull it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_opawup:offers to take %l by the paw with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_oxhopon:tries to take %n's paw, but %s pulls it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_pawup:You offer to take %l around by the paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_ridermsg:takes you along with %o, holding your paw. @set ride3com.muf=ride/paw/_xhopon:You try to take %n's paw, but %s pulls it away. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_dropoff:You drop %l off of you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_handup:You offer to carry %l. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_hopoff:You hop off %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_hopon:You scramble up on %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_locked:was locked out from the exit you just used and was droped back at your old location! @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_lstatrider:is being carryed by %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_lstattaur:is carrying %l with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_newroom:carries %l with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_notatoldloc:moved away from you back there, and did not come with. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_notawake:has fallen asleep and slipped off you back there. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_notonwho:is not riding on you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_odropoff:drops %l off of %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_ohandup:offers to carry %l with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_ohopoff:hops off of %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_ohopon:scrambles up on %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oldroom:takes %l with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oodropoff:drops you off of %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oohandup:offers to carry you. "HOPON %n" to accept. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oohopoff:hops off of you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oohopon:scrambles up on you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_ooxhopon:tries to scramble up on you, but slips and falls off. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_oxhopon:tries to scramble up on %n, but slips and falls off. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_ridermsg:carries you along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/ride/_xhopon:You try to scramble up on %n, but slip and fall off. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_dropoff:You stop %l from walking with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_handup:You offer to let %l walk along with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_hopoff:You stop walking along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_hopon:You are going to walk along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_lstatrider:is walking along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_newroom:enters, with %l walking along next to %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_odropoff:stops %l from walking along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_ohandup:offers to let %l walk along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_ohopoff:stops walking along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_ohopon:decides to walk along with %n. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oldroom:leaves, with %l walking along with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oodropoff:stops you from walking with %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oohandup:offers to let you walk along with %o. ("Hopon %n" to accept.) @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oohopoff:stops walking along with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oohopon:decides to walk along with you. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_ooxhopon:tries to fall in line behind you, but you don't allow them to. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_oxhopon:tries to fall in line next to %n, but %s moves away and does not allow them to. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_ridermsg:walks along, with you following %o. @set ride3com.muf=ride/walk/_xhopon:You try to fall in next to %n, but they move away and you don't get close. w me=REMEMBER TO EDIT THE HARDCODED DBREF IN RIDE3MAIN.MUF!