@prog lib-props
1 99999 d
1 i
( PROPS Library -- Contains useful property handling routines.
  setpropstr [dbref propname strval -- ]
    sets a property, or removes it if the string is null.
  envprop [startdbref propname -- stringval]
    searches down the environment tree from the given object, looking for
    a property with the given name.  Returns it's value, or a null string
    if it wasn't found.
  envsearch [startdbref propname -- locationdbref]
    Also searches down the envtree for the given property, but returns the
    dbref of the object it was found on instead of the string value.  Returns
    #-1 if it cannot find the property.
  locate-prop [startdbref propname -- locationdbref]
    Given a property name and dbref, finds the property, whether on the dbref
    itself, an environment of the dbref, or a proploc of the dbref.  If none,
    returns #-1.
: setpropstr (dbref propname strval -- )
    dup not if
        pop remove_prop
        0 addprop
: envprop (startdbref propname -- stringvalue)
  envpropstr swap pop
: envsearch (startdbref propname -- locationdbref)
  envpropstr pop
: proplocsearch ( startdbref propname -- locationdbref )
  over swap                                   ( d d s )
  me @ "search" remove_prop
  begin over ok? while
    over over getpropstr if
      me @ "search" remove_prop
      pop swap pop exit               ( d )
    over intostr "search/" swap strcat me @ swap getpropstr if
      me @ "search" remove_prop
      pop pop intostr
      "Error: loop in proploc found at #" swap strcat .tell
      #-1 exit
    over intostr "search/" swap strcat me @ swap "yes" 0 addprop
    swap "_proploc" getpropstr dup if       ( d s d' )
      atoi dbref swap                 ( d d' s )
      pop #-1 swap
  me @ "search" remove_prop
  pop pop pop #-1 exit
: locate-prop ( d s -- d' )
    over ok? not over not or if
        pop pop #-1 exit
    over over proplocsearch dup ok? if              ( d s d' )
        rot rot pop pop exit
    pop envsearch
PUBLIC setpropstr
PUBLIC envprop
PUBLIC envsearch
PUBLIC locate-prop
@register lib-props=lib/props
@register #me lib-props=tmp/prog1
@set $tmp/prog1=L
@set $tmp/prog1=S
@set $tmp/prog1=H
@set $tmp/prog1=B
@set $tmp/prog1=2
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/.envprop:"$lib/props" match "envprop" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/.envsearch:"$lib/props" match "envsearch" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/.locate-prop:"$lib/props" match "locate-prop" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/.setpropstr:"$lib/props" match "setpropstr" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/envprop:"$lib/props" match "envprop" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/envsearch:"$lib/props" match "envsearch" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/locate-prop:"$lib/props" match "locate-prop" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_defs/setpropstr:"$lib/props" match "setpropstr" call
@set $tmp/prog1=/_docs:@list $lib/props=1-20