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1.7.6 Unarmed Combat

NOTE: The combat system is undergoing revision. This page is outdated.

It is not strictly necessary to have a weapon in order to engage in combat. If you do not have a weapon, attacks are figured as unarmed attacks.

Unarmed attacks are figured as a roll against your Physical skill. Successful attacks apply a base amount of damage, based on your STR:

  STR   Damage
  1-4   1d2 - 1
  5-6   1d3 - 1
  7-8   1d4 - 1
  9-10   1d5 - 1
  11-12   1d6 - 1
  13-15   1d7 - 1
  16+   1d8 - 1

Armor or shields that are effective against melee weapons will also be effective against this damage.

This amount of damage may be increased by either of two unarmed combat skills: Brawling or Martial Arts. The bonus is 1d<skill>. So, for example, if you have Brawling 3, and additional 1d3+0 would be applied as damage.

Brawling is effective whether or not you are armored, and it only effects the amount of damage you do.

Martial Arts, by contrast, requires that you be unarmored as well as unarmed, but has several other effects: you are faster in combat, have a better chance to hit, and are harder to damage.

Faster in combat: A number of seconds, equal to your half your Martial Arts skill, rounded down, plus 1, is subtracted from the length of your turns.

Better chance to hit: Your Martial Arts skill is added to your Physical skill when determining the chance for attack success.

Harder to damage: When you are hit for damage, a roll is made against your Martial Arts skill. If the roll is successful, the result of an X-sided die roll, where X is equal to your Martial Arts skill, is subtracted from damage done to you.

Note that all styles of martials arts — karate, judo, taido, etc. — are handled in the same manner, so far as game mechanics are concerned... The exact style of fighting should be specified as part of your background and roleplayed. Martial Arts is learned like any other Argo skill, but has a prerequisite of Presence 9, reflecting the self-discipline required to master it.

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