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2.3 Appointing Staff

You will most likely want to appoint other staff members to share the chores of administering the Argo environment and facilitating roleplay. The default name for Argo staff members is `Monitors', and this term will often be used in this manual, but you can call staff members whatever you want: Game Masters, Judges, Staff, etc.

In making these appointments, keep in mind that within the context of Argo the monitor position is quite powerful: other than installing and uninstalling programs, and appointing and demoting staff members, there is very little within Argo that a wizard can do that a monitor cannot. Monitors have unlimited access to character development points, money, and objects. They can view character sheets and private backgrounds of any player. They can enable or disable any command, and change any system parameter or database entry. You do not have to appoint staff members immediately after installing Argo, and the staff roster can be changed at any time, but the topic is presented here because all configuration and administration tasks discussed in the remainder of the Staff Guide can be performed by either a wizard or a monitor.

To appoint monitors, type +staff #add, and then follow prompts. This sets a property that gives the player staff privileges, and adds them to the screen shown with the +staff command. If you already have a wizzes or staff command, and want to keep it, you can manually give a player staff privileges by setting his or her @a/staff property to `yes'.

Staff members can set a `specialty' or `area of responsibility' tag line, which will be appended to their listing in the staff screen, by typing +staff #speciality and following prompts. They can go on and off duty by typing +staff #on and +staff #off respectively. While non-wizard staff members are off duty, they are treated as normal players by the Argo system.

You can modify the format of the staff screen — that is, configure information to be shown above and below the staff-member listings — by typing +staff #format and following prompts.

To unappoint monitors, type +staff #remove and follow prompts.

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