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1.7 Combat

NOTE: The combat system is undergoing revision. This page is outdated.

Argo provides a fairly realistic combat system that takes into account the characters' skill levels, their current state of health, and the types of weapons and armor being used. Participation in the combat system is voluntary.

Using the combat system consists of typing commands to ready weapons and armor, and to declare offensive actions and defense modes. Declaring an offensive action initiates a `combat sequence' during which your character acts once or twice each turn. Once an offensive action is initiated, the combat sequence continues on its own until you change offensive actions, or until you or combat events interrupt the sequence. You can talk, pose, and use other commands while in combat. Turn length is discussed in detail below, but generally one turn is about 30 real-time seconds. Administrators can adjust the turn length: the ideal is fairly lively pace that still allows time for players to interact and issue commands. A +pause command lets players temporarily suspend combat events as needed to roleplay the scene.

The combat system is primarily designed for player vs. player combat, though there are provisions for its use with puppets and NPC `Bot objects.

Engaging in combat will usually follow this sequence:

  • Setting yourself `combat ok'
  • Readying weapons, shields, and armor.
  • Initiating an offensive action and setting active defenses.
  • Responding to combat events and making appropriate adjustments.

You must be set `combat ok' in order to use combat commands. When you are set `combat ok', combat commands may also be used against you. If you are not set `combat ok', you cannot use the commands, and they cannot be used against you. Use the +combat command to make the setting (syntax +combat #yes and +combat #no, or +combat #ok and +combat #!ok). (Note: although the command is named +combat, it might be better to think of it as an +events or +effects command: in order to use any skills that invoke the events system and trigger coded effects, you must be set `combat ok'.)

The following pages deal with the remaining issues of combat.

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