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1.7.8 Combat Advantages

NOTE: The combat system is undergoing revision. This page is outdated.

When the combat system is installed, two sets of combat-related advantages are added to the Argo database: Endurance and Toughness.

Endurance advantages increase your base Fatigue:

      Endurance I     3 pts. 1 character pt.
      Endurance II     6 pts. 2 character pts.
      Endurance III           9 pts.         3 character pts.

Your base Fatigue is your Strength plus your Constitution. Raising either of these stats will raise your Fatigue by an equal amount. The advantage of raising Fatigue in this, the `normal' way, is that other abilities based on these two stats will be improved as well. On the other hand, the Endurance advantages — while they only affect Fatigue — are more economical: your base Fatigue rises by 3 points for every character development point spent, rather than by 1.

The effects of the Endurance advantages are non-cumulative: if you had all three, Endurance I, Endurance II, and Endurance III, your bonus would be 9, not 18.

The Toughness advantages play an analogous role for Damage:

      Toughness I     2 pts. 1 character pt.
      Toughness II     4 pts. 2 character pts.
      Toughness III           6 pts.         3 character pts.

Your base Damage is equal to your Constitution. Raising your Consitution will also increase the amount of damage you can take, and has the benefit of affecting other abilities as well. Or, you can take one of the Toughness advantages to specifically raise your Damage at a more economical rate (2 points for every character development point spent, rather than 1). As with the Endurance advantages, the effects of Toughness advantages are non-cumulative.

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