Which Jokku Gender Am I?

Which of these times of day do you prefer?
Dusk, when the light is purple and deepening.
Night, when the darkness is soft and blue-black.
Just before Dawn, when the sky is deep blue and lightening.

When someone you care about has a problem, you...
...let them figure out how to fix it. How else will they learn?
...fix it yourself. You've done this before.
...help them to fix it. What are friends for?

You like your partner to have:
Small hands.
Dextrous hands.
Strong hands.

Which of these is most important to you?
Having a circle of companions with whom you share your experiences.
Accomplishment, the sense of a task well done.
A large, harmonious and prosperous family.

Can you pick up things with your feet?

White as bone and fang.
Black as darkness.
Gray as stone and shadow.

I am most moved by:
The flash of a butterfly's wings as it flits past me, breathlessly close.
A war memorial listing those who have died, something I can touch and remember.
The broad plains, stretching endlessly before me to the mountains beneath a vast sky.

Happiness is:
...in a sheltered nook beside a pool, with a private waterfall sounding in your ears.
...in a warm glade encircled by trees, with the sunlight falling in rays in the flowers.
...sitting on a broad plain, open as far as the eyes can see, with the breeze in your hair.