Date: October 1, 1997

From: Lynnda Butler

Subject: Pictures for the web


Enclosed are two additions for the web page.

1) Bushi and Lynnda - SAP Show, March 1997. Bushi is 10 months old, and Lynnda is 45 years old. Who says there's an age gap?

Picture of Bushi and Lynnda

2) Mocha - munching on his favorite food! September 1997, 4 months old, chocolate skunk.

Picture of Mocha

Webmaster's note:

Lynnda sent these to me via US mail, dated October 1, 1997. As of today, April 29, 1999, it's finally up here. No, I didn't lose the pictures, really! I put them someplace safe.

I apologize for this delay, and will finally be returning her photos to her, in the stamped envelope she provided. (I had it here long enough, postage changed! Eek!)

-- Lou Erickson, webmaster