SK: Escaped pet skunks

Stan Kemble kemble at
Thu Apr 20 12:50:57 PDT 2017

I have two pet skunks, a boy and a girl, and they have each escaped several times. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they don't want to come home. Huckleberry, my boy got out when Debi had the door open calling her cat. Huck comes home after dark, so when it got dark, I opened the door and blocked it open about five inches. I hung a blanket from the top of the door down almost to the floor to keep the cold air out. Three days later, he came up on the bed and woke me up in the middle of the night and wanted to play. He's been on the lam for two weeks before, and came home at 3 AM.

I've heard that if they are de-scented, they can't follow their scent trail back. I don't know that I believe this, but my two skunks are not de-scented. Try blowing a whistle when you feed your skunk, and if he gets out, blow the whistle to call him or her home. Don't give up on a lost skunk. When they're done with their vacation, they'll come home. My skunks are part of my family, and they know it.

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