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Please post this to the list if possible. I'm not sure if it's ok/acceptable by you to post #4. If not please remove it, and post the rest or whatever is acceptable to post.
Thank you.

Hi everyone 
My name is Lee, I'm 36, and I will be moving to Laramie, WY around June-July.
I am interested in getting a baby skunk as a pet and based on my online research , it is legal to have a skunk as a pet in WY. 

I was wondering if anyone on this list is from WY.
Since I will be new to the area, I wanted to 
1)FIRST confirm that it is legal to have a skunk as a pet 
2) If anyone knows of / recommends any( if there are) skunk breeders or pet shops anywhere in WY that sell baby skunks
3) any recommendations on a good skunk vet preferably near Laramie

Additionally, since I don't know anyone in WY, I am also interested in meeting new people that live around or near me. So if your interested in making a new friend, and/or maybe having a skunk play date once in a while, contact me.

Thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to read this, and for any info.

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