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I had my own wrestles with fleas with my first skunk, Mycroft. He got the fleas off the mice that came in from the cold. The vet was always complaining Mycroft was overweight, but he never saw how fast Mycroft could catch and eat a mouse.I gave Mycroft baths with dish soap, and that killed fleas, as well as washing his bedding. The other thing I got from the vet was Advantage, and that really worked.

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 I give my Sebastian nitenpyram, the 2- 25 pound dosage.  If that is harmful,
please let me know.  It is supposed to be harmless to the animal, but it
only kills fleas for about 24 hours.  I give it once, skip a day and give it
again, then not until he has fleas again.  Frontline plus doesn't work on my
animals either.  This works, but its made to give every day, which I don't.
Sebbie is overweight as well.  I tried the skunk delight but he wouldn't eat
it.  I supplement his food with taurine.

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I want to thank everyone who responded to my concern last winter when one of
my skunks had zero appetite for over a week. As you predicted, Bradley is
doing fine. I would like advice on three issues for my skunks. 

First, I am a little concerned on their diet and calorie intake. (I have
"chunky skunkies".) I try to feed as low calorie as food as I can and still
have correct nutritional balance. I feed approximately 1/3 cup of vegetables
each day, with cooked green beans being the most common. In addition, 1/4
cup low-fat cottage cheese, 2 Tablespoons ground flax seed, several pieces
of Lamb and Rice Formula, and 1 vanilla wafer. I would like to know exactly
what different people are currently feeding their skunks -- amounts, brand
names (if applicable), and supplements (taurine, calcium, vitamins). I use
Vita-Skunk from Exotic Nutrition. Does anyone else use or have an opinion
about this product? This product contains taurine but I am not sure if it
has enough. In addition, I give 250 mg of calcium three times a week. 

Second, my skunks have had a big problem with fleas. The skunks'
veterinarian, Dr. Paradis, recommends Frontline but I have had little
success using this product. Now I use Adam's Flea Spray. However, the woman
that does the skunks' nails each month said that she has heard bad things
about this product. I really would like to know what other people are using.

Third, one of the skunks, Milton (born April 2011), has developed paralysis
in his hind legs two weeks ago. I was giving him a different brand of
calcium than the other two skunks. Could this be the cause? Or, perhaps, the
skunks are not getting enough taurine. I have increased his calcium intake
(using the brand I give to Bradley and Parker) and am giving him oil of
evening primrose as part of his therapy as suggested by an on-line source.
Does anyone have any suggestions. 

Thank you so much for considering these questions and problems. 


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