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I give my Sebastian nitenpyram, the 2- 25 pound dosage.  If that is harmful,
please let me know.  It is supposed to be harmless to the animal, but it
only kills fleas for about 24 hours.  I give it once, skip a day and give it
again, then not until he has fleas again.  Frontline plus doesn't work on my
animals either.  This works, but its made to give every day, which I don't.
Sebbie is overweight as well.  I tried the skunk delight but he wouldn't eat
it.  I supplement his food with taurine.

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I want to thank everyone who responded to my concern last winter when one of
my skunks had zero appetite for over a week. As you predicted, Bradley is
doing fine. I would like advice on three issues for my skunks. 

First, I am a little concerned on their diet and calorie intake. (I have
"chunky skunkies".) I try to feed as low calorie as food as I can and still
have correct nutritional balance. I feed approximately 1/3 cup of vegetables
each day, with cooked green beans being the most common. In addition, 1/4
cup low-fat cottage cheese, 2 Tablespoons ground flax seed, several pieces
of Lamb and Rice Formula, and 1 vanilla wafer. I would like to know exactly
what different people are currently feeding their skunks -- amounts, brand
names (if applicable), and supplements (taurine, calcium, vitamins). I use
Vita-Skunk from Exotic Nutrition. Does anyone else use or have an opinion
about this product? This product contains taurine but I am not sure if it
has enough. In addition, I give 250 mg of calcium three times a week. 

Second, my skunks have had a big problem with fleas. The skunks'
veterinarian, Dr. Paradis, recommends Frontline but I have had little
success using this product. Now I use Adam's Flea Spray. However, the woman
that does the skunks' nails each month said that she has heard bad things
about this product. I really would like to know what other people are using.

Third, one of the skunks, Milton (born April 2011), has developed paralysis
in his hind legs two weeks ago. I was giving him a different brand of
calcium than the other two skunks. Could this be the cause? Or, perhaps, the
skunks are not getting enough taurine. I have increased his calcium intake
(using the brand I give to Bradley and Parker) and am giving him oil of
evening primrose as part of his therapy as suggested by an on-line source.
Does anyone have any suggestions. 

Thank you so much for considering these questions and problems. 


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