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Full dietary recommendations....and other advice for various problems are  
in SKUNK STUFF at _www.skunksaspets.com_ (  
SKUNK STUFF is 30+ years of information gathered from people, vets and labs 
 all over the world....most living with, learning from and loving pet  
How much do they each weigh? 6-8 lbs is usually the optimum range for  
skunks.  The diet you list is, in my opinion from my experience, too  much.  The 
veggies should all be raw to aid in teeth cleaning as well as  
jaw/throat/digestive "muscle work" and the cottage cheese should be one  teaspoon, 
alternated occasionally with low-fat yogurt.  Dog food should be  no more than 10 
pieces daily, less if trying to take weight off the skunk.   )The lamb and 
rice is great and can be alternated with Chicken or Turkey dry  food.
What is Vita-Skunk???  Never heard of it.  What is the flax seed  for?
Most seeds are super high in calories, so be very cautious.
As to weight loss, Fall and Winter are the hardest time as their whole  
metabolism "shifts gears" to deal with the long hard Winter--under our electric 
 blankets, in front of our TVs and eating from our fridge!!!,-- but it 
still  happens!!!  So cut the calories way down, divide the remainder into 3 
tiny  meals to help keep the metabolism as "up" as possible and in just a very 
few  short weeks, they will begin to slim down automatically with the onset 
of  SPRING!! 
What does the vet say about the paralysis?????
Write anytime I can help!
Shelor Brumbeloe
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I want  to thank everyone who responded to my concern last winter when one 
of my  skunks had zero appetite for over a week. As you predicted, Bradley 
is doing  fine. I would like advice on three issues for my skunks. 

First, I am a  little concerned on their diet and calorie intake. (I have 
"chunky skunkies".)  I try to feed as low calorie as food as I can and still 
have correct  nutritional balance. I feed approximately 1/3 cup of 
vegetables each day, with  cooked green beans being the most common. In addition, 1/4 
cup low-fat cottage  cheese, 2 Tablespoons ground flax seed, several pieces 
of Lamb and Rice  Formula, and 1 vanilla wafer. I would like to know 
exactly what different  people are currently feeding their skunks -- amounts, 
brand names (if  applicable), and supplements (taurine, calcium, vitamins). I 
use Vita-Skunk  from Exotic Nutrition. Does anyone else use or have an opinion 
about this  product? This product contains taurine but I am not sure if it 
has enough. In  addition, I give 250 mg of calcium three times a week. 

Second, my  skunks have had a big problem with fleas. The skunks' 
veterinarian, Dr.  Paradis, recommends Frontline but I have had little success using 
this  product. Now I use Adam's Flea Spray. However, the woman that does the 
skunks'  nails each month said that she has heard bad things about this 
product. I  really would like to know what other people are using. 

Third, one of  the skunks, Milton (born April 2011), has developed 
paralysis in his hind legs  two weeks ago. I was giving him a different brand of 
calcium than the other  two skunks. Could this be the cause? Or, perhaps, the 
skunks are not getting  enough taurine. I have increased his calcium intake 
(using the brand I give to  Bradley and Parker) and am giving him oil of 
evening primrose as part of his  therapy as suggested by an on-line source. Does 
anyone have any suggestions.  

Thank you so much for considering these questions and problems.  
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