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Tue May 6 16:22:37 PDT 2014

Our two sleep with us every night and we lost Basil once for five days. We searched for him every day but couldn't find him. Finally he just came home by himself. :)


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Stinker sleeps in bed with Debi and me, with the dogs in the bedroom with the bedroom door shut. The dog door into the rest of the house is open at night so the cats can go in and out. Not a simple thing. The other night Debi went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and didn't notice that Stinker slipped out of the bedroom. She came back to bed and went back to sleep. About 4:30am, there was a nonstop scratching at the bedroom door. I thought it was Stinky trying to get out. I got up to stop her, and the scratching was on the outside of the door. I opened it, and in comes a wet and muddy Stinkbug. She had gone out of the dog door, dug under the fence, and made her escape. I guess like when prisoners are turned loose, they want to go back in, she drug her wet muddy self back in and burrowed under the covers and made a mess of the sheets. She's escaped 7 or 8 times, and I always have gotten her back. So, two questions. How many skunk owners sleep with their little stink
  bombs? And second, how many have lost and regained their skunks?  		 	   		  
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