SK: Stinkie loves chocolate.

Stan Kemble kemble at
Wed Sep 25 09:41:09 PDT 2013

My little "Stinkie" got into some chocolate last night. Either  she or her friend the cat knocked some chocolate bars onto the floor, and by the time I found out, she had picked some of the chocolate off the top. I read up on it and had no Ipecac to make her puke, and live 30 miles away from a store, night time anyway. So I kept her in till late and filled her up with good food to dilute the chocolate. She was a bit hyper when I put her into her trailer/cage for the night. This morning was like Christmas morning when I went out to check on her. I went in and rattled her little box that she sleeps in, and pretty soon, here comes a squinty little head and a healthy skunk, ready to get wound up and play hard. It's really hard to be careful enough when you have a little friend like a skunk around. 		 	   		  

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