SK: What dreams may come

Ken Rosser hepzibah666 at
Sun Oct 6 17:05:11 PDT 2013

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a skunk coming up 
the ramp I had built them, and over my legs to settle in a spot favoured by all my skunks, between my thighs. The warm presence stayed for 
hours, and whenever I woke, I did not move, glad that Cooper was finally accepting me. Later, in the morning when I had to get up, I was careful of the presence, did my business, then came carefully back to bed. The 
presence turned out to be a fold in my fitted sheet. Nothing was there, 
and Cooper was happy in his igloo. I was so sure there was a skunk 
nestled close to me in bed. Time to start believing, or at least hoping, for friendly ghosts.

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