SK: Finally, I can write Gherkin's testimonial

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Sat Oct 5 10:23:26 PDT 2013

I really understand your loss of Gherkin.  I remember the stress I went through when I loss Bradley I.  (I now have a new skunk named B radley as well.)  While my three skunks -- Milton, Bradley, and Parker -- bring me a lot of joy, I still miss the first Bradley.  He died a couple of years ago on New Year's Day when his veterinarian was out of town.  I remember holding him in my arms all weekend until he died .  He w as a great skunk.  He slept with me every night right next to my head.  If I ever laid down on the couch in the living room, he always seemed to know and he would come out, climb up the skunkie stairs, and sleep on my chest.  While two of my three skunks sleep with me at night (there are also skunkie stairs to my bed), its just not the same.  However, I love having my three skunks.  (As far as opening the refrig erator, Parker opens it almost every time he walks into the kitchen.  I i nstalled a lock on it so my food would not spoil with the refrigerator door being open sever al hours at a time.) 

Regardless, I would always replace any skunk if one dies.  Three skunks seems to be the perfect number for me.  My replacements must come from out of state (which is the law in Oregon) and so I would reserve a new skunk immediately from Ruby Fur Farm in the event of a death, 

Steve Wuerch 

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