SK: Thank you everyone for your help!

Steve Wuerch sewuerch at
Mon Jan 21 11:52:53 PST 2013

I believe that I have individually thanked everyone for their input on 
Bradley, my pet skunk who was not eating for a few days.  I want to take 
this opportunity to thank you again!!  The advice I got was extremely 
reassuring and helpful.  The general consensus was that the loss of 
appetite was merely due to the currently cold weather in Salem, Oregon.  
Today (Monday 21 January)  he ate at least part of his breakfast which 
was a mixture of thawed peas/carrots mixed with some low-fat cottage 
cheese, a little ground flax seed, and Vita-Skunk vitamins.  He also ate 
a few pieces of Purina One Lamb and Rice Formula.  This is the first 
time he has eaten vegetables for three days.  Again, let me emphasize 
that he has always remained active and was never lethargic in any way.

The panic that I went through actually had two sources.  First, there is 
a website which indicates that a pet skunk should NEVER miss a day of 
eating and should be fed ANYTHING that will be eaten if s(he) has 
stopped eating.  This is why I gave Bradley vanilla wafers.  I must 
emphasize that I do not feed any of my three skunks vanilla wafers 
except for an occasional treat, but the information given on the website 
made me feel that I was doing the right thing. One of you indicated that 
they had a skunk that went nine days without eating during the winter 
with no ill effects.  That, along with statements made by others, was 
very reassuring.

Second, I lost a skunk last January who, according to my vet, Dr. 
Patrick Paradis, may have been accidentally poisoned.  This skunk, who 
was also named Bradley and after whom the current Bradley is named, got 
sick and stopped eating when Dr. Paradis was out of town a few days.  
Having the "new" Bradley suddenly not eating was especially scary.

Just as a note of record, all three of my skunks -- Milton, Bradley, and 
Parker -- were obtained form Ruby Fur Farms in New Sharon, Iowa.  All 
three of them are neutered male skunks.  Milton was born in April 2011 
and Bradley and Parker were born in April 2012.  And I am now convinced 
that all three are quite healthy.

Thanks again!!

Steve Wuerch

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