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I am most certainly able to suggest a place to get skunks -- Ruby Fur 
Farms in New Sharon, Iowa.  In fact, others on the "Skunks maillist" who 
have been helping me with a concern about low appetite of one of my 
skunks have indicated that I have purchased my skunks from "the right 
place".  To find the farm, merely Google "Ruby Fur Farm".  However, 
while the farm is excellent the website really is not the best.  It 
actually implies that they sell only to pet shops, etc., but they 
certainly do sell to private individuals as well.  The procedure is to 
call the telephone number given on the website and talk to Randy Ruby 
himself.  You will have to ask if you have reached the farm itself since 
the response on the other end of the line is merely, "Hello".  My skunks 
were all ordered over the phone in April for delivery in June when I go 
pick them up at the airport.  The skunks received will be approximately 
8 weeks old.

While I am no expert and others on the Skunks maillist are certainly 
more knowledgeable than myself, if you choose to buy a male skunk , I 
would suggest paying the extra fee to have him neutered before 
shipment.  My skunks vet, Dr. Paradis, feels that this is in the best 
interest of the skunk as opposed to waiting until later.  Other vets, 
however, disagree with Dr. Paradis and claim that neutering a baby male 
skunk can lead to hormone problems later in life.  I prefer male skunks 
(all three of mine are neutered males) because they grow somewhat larger 
than females and I prefer large skunks.  I feel that Dr. Paradis is 
being very honest is his assessment on early neutering since this 
procedure represents a loss of money for him.  This is, he does not get 
to perform the operation.

Before getting a skunk, be sure to do a lot of research first. They are 
not for everybody, but I dearly love my pet skunks, especially Milton 
who sleeps under the covers next to me in bed every night.  (I have a 
"doggie staircase" next to my bed.)  Also be sure to post concerns on 
the "Skunk maillist".  I have been subscribed for only a little over a 
day and I and overwhelmed and deeply touched by the advice and concern 
of others who raise skunks.  As it turns out, I apparently do not have 
problem and I have been overly concerned for nothing.  If you have any 
further questions, feel free to contact me.  However, others on the 
maillist are probably better experts.

Steve Wuerch
Salem, Oregon

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