SK: Loss of appetite in pet skunk

Steve Wuerch sewuerch at
Sat Jan 19 13:35:22 PST 2013

I have three pet skunks -- Milton, Bradley, and Parker -- that are very 
important to me.  During the past week Bradley has not had much of an 
appetite.  All three sleep in my bedroom with current locations of under 
my bed (Parker), in one of my closets (Bradley), and with me in bed 
(Milton).  When I get up in the morning, Milton climbs down the "doggy 
stair case" next to be bed and the other come out  from their sleeping 
places.  It has been quite cold here (Salem, Oregon) for the past week 
and, unlike the rest of my house, I do not heat my bedroom.  All three 
skunks run to the kitchen where I prepare their breakfasts.  However, 
even though Bradley is perfectly healthy and stomps and runs a lot and 
even comes to the kitchen for breakfast, he simply runs away when I put 
his food bowl in front of him.  This has been going on for several days 
now. According to SkunkHaven, I need to make sure that he eats every 
day.  I am able to get him to eat a 2-3 Nilla Vanilla Wafers each day 
and some Purina Lamb and Rice Formula which is enough to supply his 
caloric needs but not necessarily his nutritional needs.  I am convinced 
that he is not sick since he is active and plays with both me and the 
other skunks.  He is just not interested in eating (which as we know is 
unusual for a skunk).

I would like some one to comment on this situation.  Is there a problem 
or will he just grow out of it?  Could it be a result of the cold 
bedroom even though he has blankets?   I would take Bradley to Dr. 
Paradis (his vet) but he is not a skunk specialist and I am certain that 
he could give me no advice on a skunk that acts perfectly-healthy.  I 
would really appreciate any advice that I could get on this matter.

Steve Wuerch

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