SK: Response to Lew White re: skunk in New Port Richey area

Brenda.Hoch at Brenda.Hoch at
Fri Feb 10 12:12:44 PST 2012

Try Bob's Feathered Friends on Ridge Road, he's gotten skunks in past years.  Also Pet Safari in Dunedin gets them every year.  I would start checking now to see if they require a deposit.  Be advised that some young skunks can be nippers up to 1 year or so of age just like a puppy teething.  If you're not willing to put up with this behavior, do not get another skunk.  You contacted me about getting a skunk and told me that the last skunk you owned you had put to sleep at 1 year old because it was biting.  This is no reason to put a skunk down because if you give them the proper love, attention and care, they won't  continue this behavior for very long.

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