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Jill, I am touched moved and inspired by what you wrote and felt. Seven  
years! It was so moving
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Hi  everyone.
I sought out your group for the first time last night. I am in  
Ohio..having a pet skunk was a childhood dream. When I finally found my  
little was wonderful!
My much loved little boy Snookie  passed after almost 7 years of bringing 
me such affection and joy..and a  light has just gone out of my life.  I 
can't put the grief into  better words at the moment, although it hasn't 
even been 24 hours.
I am  51..and find myself alternately laughing at the memories and 
sobbing the  next moment.
I went online to find somewhere where explanation would not be  necessary 
and people would just understand. I could surround myself with  people 
and I'd still see that silly little face. I had several weeks to  prepare 
during his decline..he knew he was loved..and his last moments  were 
spent raising his little head and nose to those who loved him to be  
stroked and talked to before the eyes closed. It could not have been  
more peaceful and yet..right just hurts. Thank you so much for  

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