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In Ohio the wildlife rehab center I know rehabs just about every animal under the sun...  Including skunks.  The cert. rehabber who introduced me to the center has hand reared skunk kits, dozens and dozens of opossum kits (he had 86 in his garage one spring- bottle feeding all of them every few hours! - all pulled from road warrior moms who took oncoming cars face first to save the little ones in their pouch- AMAZING creatures...), raccoon kits, baby groundhogs, fox kits, an owl chick, baby rabbits, you name it...  As a certified and trained rehabber through the center he was allowed to bring the babies and intensive care animals into his home to care for them if they required round the clock care.  He had strict rules he had to adhere to strict rules about minimum human handling and releasing them ASAP.   Sadly it meant he couldn't hold the cutest little babies no matter how bad he wanted too...  This meant that my Skunkers who could be handled got spoiled rotten whenever Mike got the chance to steal him away for snuggles, LoL  :D

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Yes I know I have talked to several rehabbers since I learned this from the 
game warden, some rehabbers say the game warden is lying and doesn't 
know what he is talking about while others tell me that it is stated in the
paperwork from the wildlife department that you can not rehab skunks. 
I don't know I have not seen the paperwork yet.

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Odd, we've been told the exact opposite by an Oklahoma rehabber.....but? 
some states change their stupid laws with the wind direction!!!!


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a rehabber in oklahoma is not allowed to rehab skunks they? have to be 
immediately? euthanized. 
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