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I am confused,  I was told by my vet that I could not buy shots like that to 
give myself because it was against the law for me to give the shots myself  
because if something was to happen such as a person gets bit than there is no 
way of proving that the animal actually got the shot.  He says the records have 
to show that the shot where given by an actual vet.  So can anyone buy these 
shots or does the vet have to?

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Subject: SK: GREAT NEWS!!!

One of our own rehabbers found a company who sells the proper skunk  
vaccines in single doses!!!

_www.vaccinewholesale.com_ (    Galaxy  
DA2PPvL+Cv is $7.75 each and Eclipse 4 is $12 each,
FAR, FAR, FAR less than vets are charging these days!!!

Remember that skunks ARE succeptible to ALL canine and ALL feline  diseases.

Shelor Brumbeloe

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