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Stanley was my 2nd (A rescue) My first passed away at a young age due to a Vet 
not knowing proper treatment. 

A dear friend tried to help him after he got really bad but she was not 
able."""Bless her-I love you Jane"""I got Stanley as a Teenager and a rescue. He 
came with mental problems but bonded to me right away(the only person he ever 
liked)- he is now 10 and is slowing down more and more- he only likes to get up 
to eat- I try to keep him active as much as i can but he knows how to take his 
wheelchair off by himself and shut the door of his house, so.. 

He has been the shining light of my life for so many years- even now (for the 
past 3 years) he has been in a wheelchair, special diet and diapers and i would 
not trade it for anything in the world. The love i have for him and the love he 
feels for me is like nothing ive ever had for a pet or human. Getting a baby 
skunkie(Fur Child) is a huge job and not a job for someone who gives up easily 
or cant take responsibility but it can and will be the best thing you have ever 

Congratulations on your soon to be new baby, we are all here for you....

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Before I got my first skunk, Mycroft (named after Sherlock Holmes' smarter 
brother, because he could outwit me) I had read everything I could find, 
including a scientific journal from 1911. Still, bringing the little guy home, 
and learning his habits... Nothking really prepared me. I did my best for him, 
and he lived to be almost 9 years old.

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Excuse all of my questions, but I have a deposit on a skunk &amp; will be geting 

him in June &amp; I want to be prepared. So all of you that own a skunk do you 
have full time jobs too? Bc I'm taking some time off when he comes, but I'm 
wondering how he will deal without anyone home.&nbsp;

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