SK: Burning the winter pounds?

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Fri Jan 21 07:45:42 PST 2011

OMG what a riot.  I gave one to Sophie and she had a ball with it.  She was playing with it for at least 45 minutes, it was hillarious.  I had to go some place and was gone for about 2 hours and when I came back, it was gone except for a few seeds.  Can't imagine why those things don't burn their little tummies up and their little butts lol.  I just cut some pieces up for Skooter and put them with his food and he turned his nose up at them.  He is a very finicky eater.  What he doesn't finish, Sophie does.


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> Just put it on the saucer with a few other veggies and watch. If she's 
> never had them before, she might not initially know just what to do, but most 
> learn really quickly and it IS fun to watch them discover new things!!
> Shelor
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> bought some today 
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