SK: Burning the winter pounds?

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Wed Jan 19 16:47:01 PST 2011

Basically, give them all they want, they are very good for them and  
virtually calorieless.  12 pounds is way too heavy for 98% of skunks.   He's 
probably sluggish because he doesn't feel great.  He's likely to have  painful 
joints due to his weight, so I suggest cutting his total daily intake  down by 
at least a third....then cut THAT total into 4 or 5 tiny meals, each of  
which includes raw Jalapenos.  Give one now and then for a treat,  too.  MOST 
skunks love them like peppers and most also have to 'kill'  
peppers.....pounce them with their  feet and rip them open with  claws....then they eat the 
green part and come back later for the seeds, almost  like dessert.
This is a VERY difficult time of year to get a skunk to lose weight, but  
you CAN get them to at least hold the line and come Spring, they will lose it 
 much faster.
Have you been to _www.skunksaspets.com_ (  ?  
SKUNK STUFF  contains information gathered over 30 years, from owners and 
vets from all  over the world.  It also has a link to The Pet Skunk Photograph 
Album with  page after page of cuddle bugs....again, from all over the 
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How much  do you give them and how often.  My boy Skooter is 12 pounds and 
this  time of year gets pretty sluggish

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