SK: Burning the winter pounds?

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Tue Jan 11 14:00:32 PST 2011

First of all, cut back on what he does get in a day.  No more than ten  
pieces of dogfood daily period.  His metabolism has shifted into Winter  mode 
and he is holding on to every single calorie and fat gram he gets.
Change that total way down!
Then cut that total into 4 meals spread out through the day.  Add a  
jalapeno to each meal.  WAKE his butt up several times a day, closing the  door 
between him and his favored sleeping den.  Keep him as active as you  can.  
These  things will keep his metabolism up and keep his weight  level until 
Spring arrives and the weight just seems to melt off him almost  overnight.  
THAT little miracle has never ceased to amaze  me!!!!!
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Any  recommendations from other moms and dads who've had their kids pack on 
the  pounds pre-winter and  winter? 

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