SK: Burning the winter pounds?

Cathy cathygag at
Tue Jan 11 12:19:12 PST 2011

Well I fell for the ploy, those cute little eyes, that look of "but mom... my bowl is empty... and it's cold, you know I need extra calories when it's cold..."  He'd lost a pound at our last vet visit, but the vet still said he was a bit of chunky monkey...  :(  Had him on the recommended almonds and salmon too in the fall to bring his little bald tail back around to fully furred- and boy did his little chubby butt and sides hold onto those calories!

Any recommendations from other moms and dads who've had their kids pack on the pounds pre-winter and winter?  I've learned to say "no" when he begs for a potato chip, and both my parents have been banned from sneaking him junk food when they think I'm not looking! LoL  He gets one little crunchy Christmas sugar cookie from the box every couple days to keep his sugar levels up, and he's on lower calorie dog food - which btw, found amazing perfect little skunk size kibbles at Petland, it's called "Healthy Extensions:  Little Bites"  it's made for mini and teacup dogs, seems to be a lot easier for him to eat than anything else, even the other small dog foods I'd found- and it's holistic, lots of good stuff, no junk.  He's getting all the other standard recommended skunk foods, veggies, some fruit, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

But any ideas on helping him lose weight?  Maybe some skunk aerobics or something...  ;)  LoL  Or is this pretty normal, and he'll burn it off on his own come spring time?  Last year he was still a juvenile so he was growing, and he stayed pretty normal in body size, he's in his terrible 2's now, and boy oh boy does it show sometimes, lol.   :)

Thanks for any pointers, or similar experiences,
Catharine & Skunkers

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