SK: Canadian laws for skunks

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Thu Feb 3 09:05:34 PST 2011

Has anyone checked on a quarantine period, if required?????  That can  be a 
I have no idea about Canada, but some are horrendously long.
While males can usually be neutered under 6 weeks, it's not recommended by  
most vets that
an attempt to spay females should be made that young.  Some vets  simply 
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Canadian  pet skunks must be purchased from a USDA-certified breeder in the 
United  States. An import permit is required from the Canadian Food 
Agency to bring the skunk into the country. The skunk must be spayed or  
neutered, and receive a microchip implant or tattoo. A vet check fee must  
be paid. Black-and-white skunks are illegal in all of Canada.  

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