SK: HELP US! Please call key legislators today! in OHIO

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Sat Dec 3 17:38:43 PST 2011

Because of the tragedy in Zanesville, Ohio, when the unbalanced, vindictive man freed all of his large exotic animals and the police hunted them down and killed them, the legislature in Ohio is trying to ban all exotic animals from the state except those in the large zoos. Anyone who owns an exotic animal will have to dispose of them by 2014. This very likely includes ALL animals that are not traditional, domestic pets including SKUNKS!! 

Owners are scared and upset. They down birds, reptiles, mammals that are all considered exotic. They love their pets and  have spent time, love and money on them. This is NOT right!  Please call the nuber below and express your opinion. Use YOUR voice to help these pet owners in Ohio. What happens in Ohio can happen in other states. This legislation is a very bad precedent to have set.

Read the message below and PLEASE help, for the sake of everyone who has an exotic pet, anywhere.


from: Nancy Nighswander 
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 8:26 PM 
Subject: [UAPPEAL] Please call key legislators tomorrow! 

  Cross post to all groups and people you know!! 
It's time to call key legislators in Ohio !!! Do not write or fax.  CALL. We need to FLOOD their offices with our opposition!! 

Call Senate Ag committee chair Sen. Cliff Hite at 614-466-8150 
Call House Ag committee chair Rep David Hall at 614-466-2994 

Call Gov Kasich at 614-466-3555 

Tell a them that you are opposed to a ban of exotic animals in Ohio and as a stakeholder and constituent you want your voice heard loud and clear!  You feel this is a knee jerk reaction to the incident in Zanesville and a ban creates unintended consequences to the many responsible owners.  A ban on our legally acquired exotic animals which includes confiscation,  is a "taking" of private property which is against the US Constition. There would be economic losses to Ohio because owners spend millions of dollars every year on animal food, building materials and vet care.  We are outraged that the state of Ohio would even consider banning the ownership of any animals considering our long history of agriculture.  The Humane Society of the United States has had too much influence on the regulation of animals and we do not approve an outside organization coming into Ohio to dictate our laws. 


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