SK: Another story

Ken Rosser hepzibah666 at
Mon Oct 25 18:52:37 PDT 2010

another long story.

I was  out looking through second hand stores for treasures, when I noticed the 
time. I  had an appointment to meet a University student for an interview 
(Social  services related) and be paid $25 for it. It was 2:30. Easiest was was 
up one  street, and catch a connecting bus. When I got to the corner, I noticed 
some  people fussing over a baby squirrel. It seemed unhurt, though a little 
confused  by all the attention. We managed to get it around a corner, and tried 
to keep  people from stepping on it. Most people were surprised, or just glad 
they'd  missed stepping on the poor thing. One guy gave a look as if to say "So 
what if  I did step on it".

I went into the convenience store right there, and  bought a package of 
Planter's roasted peanuts, unsalted. There's $2.02. I went  back out, opened the 
package with my teeth, and offered the squirrel some. It  took a peanut right 
from my hand. Another man went to the Popeye's across the  street and got a box 
big enough for the squirrel, and gathered up the peanuts  I'd left, then managed 
to gently pick up the squirrel and place it in the box,  and close the lid 
without panicking it. I gave the man the rest of the peanuts,  saying, "Here, 
take the resst of these,.  I had been going to share them with the boys, but I'd 
bought them for the  squirrel.


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