SK: Gherkin, bloody Gherkin

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Thu Mar 11 13:24:57 PST 2010

I had a skunk owner call me late one night in extreme panic...."He's  
BLEEDING!!  His mouth and muzzle is covered!!   WHAT DO I  DO???"     Staying 
with him on the phone, I told  him to find out if a tooth had come out.....or 
he had something stuck in his  mouth, etc.   Nothing.  No ACTIVE bleeding 
taking place  then.   
"OK......great!  Now you have to find what hurt him, so get down on  your 
hands and knees and cover your entire apartment.....maybe start where you  
first saw him bloody."
"Well, that was in the living room near the sofa".....  remember, I'm  
holding the phone and can hear.  Suddenly he BELLOWED....."D--- you  Bear!!!!!!" 
 Of course, I knew he'd found the problem, but I DIDN'T
know what it was.  
The owner came back to the phone and said, "I looked behind the I lifted it up and found a RED MAGIC MARKER CHEWED TO  
The fact that the CARPET was also "bloodstained" mattered not......his baby 
 was all right!!!!!
That was one of the GOOD late night skunk calls!!!!
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it  wasn't blood.

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