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Mon Jan 11 13:33:55 PST 2010

 Hi Everybody!  

 Found this toy about a couple months ago and Skunkers fell absolutely in LOVE with it... It's made by Petmate/ Aspen Pet Products- it's called a Buddhas- it's a plush toy with a hard plastic ball in the center that can be opened and filled with treats- with play the treats fall out a small hole in the ball.  I filled it with the mini size Nut-tastics dog treats broken in half... (   He played with it and carried it around and slept with it long after the treats were gone...  I finally took it away from him after he'd nearly decapitated it digging at it with his claws... Which due to his absolute infatuation only took about 3-4 weeks...  LoL  I had a hard time finding him a new one, and went so far as calling Aspen's customer service, but I finally found a new one at my local Petland a couple days ago...  :D  Another idea that might work- I went to COSI with my nieces a couple weeks ago and they use the ball from roll-on deoderant with a couple holes drilled in for easier gripping for the rat basketball...  Rats use their paws/hands in a similar manner as skunks, so might be a nice small toy- they prefer them because they are harder then ping pong balls so less susceptible to potentially dangerous chew damage, and they're lighter than golfballs.  They get their roll-on balls directly from the manufacturer so they've never touched deoderant, but I'm sure they can be found online- and all else fails I'm sure with a proper thorough washing with a de-greasing dish detergent and a thorough scrubbing one from an old deoderant bottle would probably be ok? 

What they looks like new...  :)  

And the aftermath...  Rawrz! HUFF. PUFF. POP. STOMP. Skunkzilla on the rampage!  :D


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