SK: skunk toys

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Thu Jan 7 12:24:15 PST 2010

I work with wild only since we have the same situation here in TX. Although 
 not illegal, you have to have special permits and permissions to have one 
I love working with wildlife so I get the best of both worlds. I can love  
them as bottle babies and then love them as they go out to do what wild 
skunkers  do (after acclimation of course).
 I have luckily only had one rehab that has not eventually gone to the  
forest. He lives in the house and thinks that is perfectly normal. He is 6  
months old and around 5 pounds now.
I joined the board to gain info about what is best for him since I do not  
intend to descent or neuter him. He has never sprayed (yes I know that he 
will  eventually) and although he can get nippy, he is not aggressive - only 
have to  listen to the warning and accept that he is a wild animal at heart. 
He has been  with me since he was a few days old. Came in with severe skin 
scale issues -  dehydrated - injured foot - and resp issues.
 I hope to be able to release him someday but the prognosis is not  looking 
good for that. The little bugger has no fears whatsoever. And as Shelor  
mentioned, they are the most hard headed little creatures I have ever had the  
pleasure of caring about!

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