SK: Skunk toys

Hoch Brenda Brenda.Hoch at
Thu Jan 7 12:13:27 PST 2010


I haven't really found any toys that my skunks play with on any regular basis.  They prefer digging through things in one bottom kitchen drawer.  They like opening the drawer and pulling out everything that's in there such as plastic measuring spoons, plastic measuring cups, etc. as I've removed anything from this drawer that could be harmful or was breakable.  They also like rooting around in my purse  if they can snag the strap hanging down from the dining room table.  It was this action that gave me the idea to buy a  medium size bag (you can even use one of those 99 cent reusable grocery bags) and load it up with items like the measuring spoons, some baby toys, etc.  They just love rooting through the bag, crawling in it, and pulling everything out of it - it amuses them for quite a while.  One of my other skunks likes to play with the aluminum dog dish.  I have greyhounds so I use the raised dish holders.  She'll climb up on top of the stand, play around with the dish until she knocks it out and then if it's right side up she'll push it all over the kitchen floor with her head.  She particularly likes pushing it down the one step into our sunken living room.  When she gets tired of this, she'll turn the dish upside down and actually play leap frog with it.  It's a really funny sight as she's a very teeny skunk (only 3 lbs) yet she leaps over the dog dish which is about 2 to 2-1/2 inches high.  Don't know if this would work with your skunk as she's the only one out of all my skunks that does this.

As for diet, I follow the diet that you'll find in the Mephitis Advocate, Issue 1.  It's worked well for me especially in helping a couple of the overweight skunks I've adopted lose weight.  I've included the link below and you can access back issues and sign up to receive future issues.


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