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Thu Jan 7 11:04:58 PST 2010

I live in GA, and while pet skunks aren't exactly "legal" here, I have
checked with the Dept of Ag and you will not get in trouble for having one,
and I have checked with my favorite vet and he does treat them and is
allowed to do so. We just can't buy them here, or breed them here.

That being said, can anyone tell me of any *reputable, quality breeders* of
domestic pet skunks within a reasonable driving distance from GA?
Specifically, I live in the Metro Atlanta area. I have been researching
skunks as pets for about 6 years, and would like to possibly get one during
the next litter season.


On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 1:56 PM, <Razrealtor at> wrote:

> I have used one of the balls made for toddlers. They have different things
> in them that spin or rattle or similar but they are solid hard plastic so
> they  are safe for the little guys and no small parts that can be eaten.
> Not
> sure that  it will help but that is what my guys likes.
> I work with wild not domestic skunks and this works for my injured guys as
> well as the little guys I get in. They like to gang up on it-- skunk
> soccer!  LOL
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I hear some people have this thing called "normal." It sounds terrible, I'm
so glad I've never had it!

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