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I might consider a golf ball vs. a ping pong ball, roughly the same size but
more solid in nature and less likely to be chewed apart and possible cause
an obstruction.  You may also want to consider frozen melon balls or
something else of that nature that they lick at and play with while doing

I also have some PVC pipes of various sizes that I can fill with treats or
kibble, the pipes have holes drilled in them where the food can spill from
is spun properly, the ends are capped off.

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My skunk loved to play with a match box VW Beetle.  He would step on it and
it would shoot across the room and he would chase it.  I did leave him alone
with it just in case he wanted to chew on the wheels.  It was great fun
watching him.  I also saw a suggestion recently about using a ping pong
ball.  I think that is a good idea.
Debby Pelletier

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Can you guys give me some ideas for skunk toys?  I have kongs and and treat
kongs, but i need something for my little guy to play with that he can not
tear up or that he would not ingest.  I need something that I can assure my
boss that it provides enrichment for the skunk.  Any suggestions would be

Bryan Summerford
aquarist/central zone animal keeper
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