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Thu Jan 7 10:27:22 PST 2010

My skunk loved to play with a match box VW Beetle.  He would step on it and it would shoot across the room and he would chase it.  I did leave him alone with it just in case he wanted to chew on the wheels.  It was great fun watching him.  I also saw a suggestion recently about using a ping pong ball.  I think that is a good idea.
Debby Pelletier

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Can you guys give me some ideas for skunk toys?  I have kongs and and treat kongs, but i need something for my little guy to play with that he can not tear up or that he would not ingest.  I need something that I can assure my boss that it provides enrichment for the skunk.  Any suggestions would be great!

Bryan Summerford
aquarist/central zone animal keeper
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