SK: clicker training

skunklady2 skunklady2 at
Tue Jan 5 14:22:59 PST 2010

Food is the number one drive in ALL skunks, ALL the time.  Nothing whatsoever deters them from that, EVER.

I've personally never heard of anyone trying, much less succeeding, with clicker training in skunks.  Skunks are extremely intelligent and EXTREMELY hardheaded .... and that's a combination that most people can't overcome.
Most skunks are going to do what THEY want to do, when THEY want to do it.

Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Shelor Brumbeloe
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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In a message dated 01/04/10 12:23:09 Eastern Standard Time, bsummerford at writes:
 He is just so excited looking for food he doesnt pay much attention.  I have upped his daily diet a little in hopes that he wont be as hungry and may pay more attention.

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