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Sounds like a lot.  Watch his weight.  4 or 5 lbs. is typically the highest you want. Feed the lowest protein, highest vegetable (not grain) dog food you can, but less than the amount of veggies.  It is extremely important that the dog food be the only processed food he gets (plain baby food veggies or defrosted or even cooked frozen are ok, if fresh are not available).  Go light on sweet things, including fruit. Go heavy on the veggies; mine was a broccoli, salad greens and lima bean man.

My last skunk was, according to the exotic animal vet, exceptionally healthy (never had any disease) until he died of old age.  I kept him between 4 - 5 pounds (gave him extra light to extend daylight hours in the Winter, which curbed his appetite a bit).  He typically got 2 TB dog food, moistened, with about 1/2 c veggies, twice daily.  He got less in the Winter and more in the Summer when he was more active. (contrary to his desire).  This will increase his activity during the Winter. Simulation of foraging activity is good.  Also gave him a little Omega 3 (some kind of fish oil).  The fruit was used as a reward.  A little vitamin supplement is ok.

My first one was given a much more complex diet, but no junk food.  He did not do as well, most likely because I let him put on more weight (just over 6 pounds) and gave him more dog food.  Many die at 3 or 4 years or less because of this; I've seen 8 pounds or more. The ribs should be felt like a dog's.  Both of mine exceeded 8 years.  Too much protein causes problems.  I doubt that yours would be eating too many crickets and mealworms, though.

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this is the diet im giving my 7mo old male skunk..does this sound good?
1/2 cup light dog food 1/2 cup veggies 1/4 cup fruit .  I give this in an AM diet as well as a PM diet.  Also i give lots of crickets and mealworms.

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