SK: clicker training

Bryan Summerford bsummerford at
Mon Jan 4 08:51:18 PST 2010

I have a 7mo old male neutered skunk.  We are trying to use him in our education program at the zoo.  So far he has been great as far as walking on a leash with a harness and allowing us to cut his nails.  We have tried to start clicker training him, but he does not appear to be getting it so far.  He is just so excited looking for food he doesnt pay much attention.  I have upped his daily diet a little in hopes that he wont be as hungry and may pay more attention.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  This is our first skunk at the zoo that we are actually trying to train behaviors.  Any ideas would be great!

Bryan Summerford
aquarist/central zone animal keeper

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