SK: The new vet

Ken Rosser hepzibah666 at
Fri Dec 17 19:20:54 PST 2010

After losing another vet, because they'd decided not to treat skunks anymore, I 
got in touch with a new one, through a friend, and a lot of luck. I'm on a 
disability pension, and everyone who knows, knows that's barely enough to live 
on as it is.I was given an estimate of $300, because this new vet wanted to meet 
all of them, to get familiar with them. So, they got their shots, and an 
examination, and Gherkin's tush thing was looked at, and they'll want to do a 
biopsy, when there's time to do it properly. They're all overweight (bad me) and 
the vet wants Moriarty to lose a couple of pounds by spring, and Gherkin and 
Cooper, a pound each.

Then came the reckoning. The bill came to $548.14. Without a word, I opened my 
wallet and counted out $560, and took my change. I'm glad I planned for 


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