SK: A nice way to wake up

Ken Rosser hepzibah666 at
Sat Aug 21 05:52:34 PDT 2010

I woke up partway through the night, to find a warm body by my side, nose in my 
 armpit. I petted him, and could tell by the fur it was Moriarty. He's been 
 friendlier since the day before, when I intercepted him on the way to his bed, 
 and tucked him in with me, and having him settle down and stay with me. I 

 down the length of Moriarty, and encountered a second fur type. Felt like 
 Cooper. Cooper settling in to sleep with me? Very unusual. I petted the length 
 of Cooper, and encountered Gherkin. All three were with me, and fast asleep. I 
 guess this shows the pecking order too. Poor Gherkin.


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